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Interview with Florine Eppe Beauloye, Founder & Director of mOOnshot digital Pte Ltd


A few words about your business

mOOnshot digital is a boutique creative agency providing bespoke digital marketing and consulting services to premium and luxury brands. Our expert advisory board includes former senior executives of Google, Facebook and YouTube. We empower forward-thinking businesses and discerning brands, enabling them to realise their full potential through digital innovation.


Guided by a deep understanding of the vast opportunities that digital can offer, luxury savoir-faire and an intimate knowledge of our clients' businesses, we create tailored digital solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs with clarity, ingenuity and integrity. We call it Digital Craftsmanship.


Our services include Bespoke Digital Strategy, Website Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Strategy & Management, Content Marketing, Online Advertising, C­-Suite Bespoke Digital Training, Branding & Design.


You identify the destination, we plan the journey.


What is your professional background?

My professional experience lies in discovering what is noteworthy, crafting compelling experiences and growing businesses.


I hold a Master’s in Marketing with first class honours from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), a leading University in the heart of Europe. With a passion for the latest technologies and over a decade of international experience, I have a holistic understanding of the marketing ecosystem. From the newsroom to the boardroom, I have worked as a TV Journalist, PR Manager, and Head of Marketing and Business Development for premium B2C and B2B brands across Europe and Asia. This diverse experience has given me a unique perspective on business and life. Valuable insights that I leverage to grow my business every day.


What reasons brought you to set up your own company?

I am a compulsive creative with an appetite for greatness and new challenges. While working as head of marketing for several companies, I would often meet with agencies to plan and execute some of our communication campaigns. Most of these interactions left me frustrated as these agencies operated with little transparency and flexibility. I witnessed a significant shift in the way we would do marketing and noticed many amazing brands investing time, money, and energy but not seeing the results they were expecting. I think this was mainly caused by ignorance or misaligned strategies with their partner agency. Noticing a gap in the market for a bespoke digital agency for high-end niche brands and premium SMEs, I decided to leave my corporate job to build mOOnshot digital.


I enjoy the satisfaction of accompanying and supporting businesses as they successfully transform for the digital age. The essence of digital is not technology; it is the opportunity to connect with people and improve brands and lives at scale. There’s nothing more exciting than that. Every project, every client, every challenge is different. I love that I can learn new things every day, experiment new approaches and create new models for success as digital innovation continues to merge with traditional marketing.


What are the specificities / USPs (Unique Selling Points) of mOOnshot digital?

Bespoke. Targeted. Integrated.

We adopt a bespoke approach and act as a one-­stop digital partner for luxury brands. Our proven methodology, rooted in a solid business rigour and vital flexibility, ensures that we deliver within our clients’ budgets, deadlines and business imperatives.


Honest. Transparent. Empowering.

We believe in openness and transparency. We’re honest and friendly (so we’re told). You won’t hear unnecessary technical jargon from us. We pride ourselves in ethical standards, and we always empower our partners. We believe that only when our clients fully understand what we do, can they become long term partners.


Creative. Driven. Polished.

We always go the extra (s)mile. We wake up curious and determined to be better every day. We are constantly innovating, orchestrating, articulating, learning, improving, and refining, to develop effective strategies. With a perfectionist’s eye for detail, we strive for excellence in all that we do, because great is just not good enough.


Why did you decide to specialize in digital campaigns for exclusive and high-end brands?

There is something magical and fascinating about digital marketing for luxury brands. To me, digital marketing for luxury brands is like diamonds; it needs the human touch and tailored techniques to reveal its full potential. Digital is about leveraging highly skilled processes to release the internal sparkle of brands in order to create mesmerising experiences for their discerning audiences.


But managing the digital landscape can be intimidating and overwhelming. Even more so for premium and luxury brands because they are judged by higher standards.


We have carved a niche for ourselves through observing an increasing need for high-quality, customised digital services for such discerning brands.


On a more personal note, I have always had a passion for excellence, an admiration for sleek and stylish design and an uncompromising attitude towards quality - values embodied by luxury brands. To me luxury isn’t about buying expensive things, but about the desire to experience memorable and meaningful moments. And I love the thought of being part of that dream.


What was the most difficult challenge to overcome on your entrepreneurial journey?

When things go wrong, what’s most important is your next step. I regard all the missteps as lessons in disguise and as opportunities to learn and grow. I am enjoying the roller coaster ride as a digital entrepreneur, the ups and downs, twists and turns. One of the biggest challenges of running a niche digital agency in a foreign country is building a trusted network of connections. You must take the time to attend events and network, network, network... even when you feel you have a million other things to do.


Why did you choose Singapore? 

I have been travelling around this region for leisure and business for years now. There is something enticing about this part of the world. The vibe, the authenticity, the cultures.


Singapore might be small but I like how easy it is to do business here. It is modern, safe, well positioned in the region, easy to get around and very efficient. It is amazing how many resources, networking opportunities and support are available. I enjoy being part of that thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Singapore is a sophisticated business hub and an oasis of modern luxury. What better place to launch a digital agency for high-end brands?


What are your current plans for mOOnshot digital?

I am always looking at the horizon for the next opportunity. Right now, we are focusing on expanding our presence and building our brand portfolio internationally.


We recently launched Asia’s premiere bespoke training and support for C-­Suite clients. This is an exciting new opportunity to answer many of the questions that we often receive from our senior clients. We want to make sure that they are well equipped to navigate in the digital age, with the right level of information to steer their companies forward.


We also focus on the luxury travel industry as a key component of the business and I have just found the right partner. A new chapter begins here. You can look forward to many exciting collaborations and projects for 2016.


Your business motto 

Dare, dream, do. Move boundaries and create your own success.


Your motto in life 

Keep your heels, head and standards high (Coco Chanel).



Florine Eppe Beauloye

mOOnshot digital Pte Ltd


Website: www.moonshotdigital.com





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