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What is the Business Accelerator Lab?

The Business Accelerator Lab is a free program supporting and advising companies owned and run by Entrepreneurs and Start-ups members of the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, via a single meeting between one entrepreneur and a panel of Advisors.


Our commitment

The Business Accelerator Lab helps start-ups boost their development by challenging their business plan and giving them some directions, contacts and recommendations to move forward.

The benefits for the Entrepreneurs and start-ups:

  • Open discussion on the business case with valuable experts
  • An external and neutral view of the company and business model
  • Advice and clarification on objectives and plans
  • A step back on his business for better decision-making
  • Feel supported and encouraged by members of the French Chamber
  • Expand the network and benefit from contacts in the industry or specific functions 

The group of Advisors consists of successful entrepreneurs, professionals with valuable expertise in various sectors and functions as Finance, Marketing, Business Development, Funding, Legal, etc...



  • Olivier Grometto, Co-Owner/Managing Director, QINGWA
  • Laetitia de Seroux

The Advisors are experts in their field and volunteers from French Chamber members companies. They will provide feedbacks based on their professional experiences each in their respective industry / function. 

A few profiles of our Advisors:

  • David Chambat, Managing Director VILLA-FINDER.COM
  • Stephane Thierry, Director, CFO DECATHLLON (DESIPRO)
  • Celine de Robillard, Senior UX/Marketing consultant VISEO ASIA PTE LTD
  • Bruno Fritsch, Managing Director (CEO of Wendel Singapore Pte. Ltd.) WENDEL

They share their experience as Advisors:

“Two main motivations for me to take part in the Accelerator Lab as Advisor:

  1. Give time and advice to entrepreneurs of our French-Singaporean ecosystem. Help them at critical stages of their development and hopefully contribute somehow to great success stories
  2. Get exposed to potential investment opportunities.”

“The Accelerator Lab meeting format pushes the candidates to express in synthetic format their business and the issues they’re facing which in itself is a great exercise. They get straightforward and candid views from the advisors who are here to help bringing to the table a high diversity of backgrounds (large/small companies, B2B / B2C, executives/investors…)”

“For me, the motivation is really about meeting people (entrepreneurs and other advisors) and share business experience. There is always something interesting to learn and sometimes to share. For the entrepreneur, I think it's always good to brainstorm and get feedback from more experienced professionals. They may be right or wrong, but they can make the entrepreneur think differently. I assume that, as an entrepreneur, it is often difficult to take a step back and reflect (you are too busy managing day to day) so this forces you to do it and gives you an idea of how your company is perceived by outsiders.”


Role of the advisors:

  • listen and ask questions, confront ideas and challenge the Entrepreneur on his plan, his methodology and objectives by acting as the devil's advocate.
  • act as observers who help the entrepreneur keep a sense of perspective, get a neutral point of view, relativize their problems and offer suggestions to address challenges.
  • share their experience to help him find his own solutions and break his isolation.
  • provide criteria for assessment and can refer the entrepreneur to investors, collaborators and service providers (lawyers, accounting firms, PR / marketing, etc.) suited to his business and objectives.


Since 2015:

  • more than 30 start-ups and entrepreneurs have been supported and advised by the Business Accelerator Lab
  • 30 advisors have joined our pool of experts



Qualification process

This programme is open to any French entrepreneur and start-up member of the French Chamber who created their company in Singapore and with a minimum of 1 year business.

The candidate willing to get a session with the Business Accelerator Lab shall contact Amelie Poumaer at

The French Chamber will validate the application and propose a date of meeting.


Pitch session of a French start-up to the Business Accelerator Lab every month

The selected Entrepreneur/ Start-up will fill the ‘Candidate Info Sheet’ that will be shared before the session with the confirmed Advisors.

The Entrepreneur willing to present their start-up will meet the Advisors (6 to 10 persons) for a minimum of 1h30 during lunch time around this agenda:

  • 45 minutes of presentation of the business
  • 30 minutes of Q & A
  • 15 minutes of constructive feedback by the Advisors, with free advice, recommendations and relevant contacts whenever possible
  • Confidentiality guaranteed

After the session, the minutes of the session and the recommendations and contacts are sent to the Entrepreneur to support him in his follow-up. The Advisors who attended the session can be contacted directly for further details and specific recommendations.





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