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The Business Accelerator Lab is a free program supporting and advising companies owned and run by French individuals in Singapore, via a single meeting between one entrepreneur and a panel of Advisors. The group of Advisors consists of successful entrepreneurs, professionals with valuable expertise in various sectors and functions, and individuals looking to personally invest in companies. The Accelerator Lab helps startups boost their development by challenging their business plan and giving them some directions, contacts and recommendations to move forward.


President: Aude de Rotalier, FutureTrainingLab

Presentation of a French startup to the Business Accelerator Lab every month

The Entrepreneur willing to present their startup will meet the Advisors (6 to 10 persons) for a minimum of 1h30 during lunch time around this agenda:


  • 30 to 45 minutes of presentation of the business
  • 30 minutes of Q & A
  • 15 minutes of constructive feedback by the Advisors, with free advice, recommendations and relevant contacts whenever possible
  • Confidentiality guaranteed


This programme is open to any French entrepreneur who created their company in Singapore and with a minimum of 6 month business.


The candidate willing to get a session with the Accelerator Lab shall contact Amelie Poumaer at


The French Chamber will validate the application and propose a date of meeting.



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