HGH Infrared Systems capitalises on over 30 years of success in infrared technologies for security, industrial and civil applications. With the mission to offer the best cutting-edge products and services to clients, HGH has consolidated its core businesses on:

- Defence and civil security, with its unique, multi-awarded infrared panoramic surveillance system, named Spynel;
- Thermography for industrial applications, with its complete line of IR scanners and sensors to monitor rotary kilns;
- Optronic test and measurement equipment, with products ranging from blackbodies and collimators to integrated test benches, for laboratories and IR sensors developers.

Seeking out customer satisfaction, through innovation and technical excellence, HGH has built a world-wide reputation for years now, with an export turnover ratio of 80% and offices in France, Singapore, China, India and the USA.

To meet new defence and security requirements, HGH has developed Spynel. This compact, ruggedised sensor images a full 360° scene at a rate of one image per second for automatic, real-time intrusion detection and tracking. A 360° panoramic field of view plus continuous monitoring capabilities ensure that no event goes unnoticed, even in total darkness, through fog or smoke. Spynel addresses surveillance requirements for military bases, ports, offshore sites, and critical infrastructure.

On June 20th, 2016, HGH Infrared Systems acquired Electro Optical Industries, based in Santa Barbara (California), the world pioneer of electro-optics test instruments, since 1964. The two companies join their strengths for the greatest benefit to our customers. Sharing the same values of the strongest commitment to client satisfaction, this merger leads to a significant extension of HGH’s portfolio of reliable, high quality photonics and infrared systems with high technical performances.

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