DiGital Content Technologies Pte Ltd provides innovative solutions for:
– Out–Of–Home (OOH) digital media and digital signage networks;
– Traffic counting (commuters, shoppers, vehicles);
– Smart cities.

Our four main innovative solutions:

Quividi audience measurement
Face–tracking and traffic counting:
– Automated audience measurement for OOH media;
– Retail analytic: in–or–out of store people traffic counting;
– Real–time anonymous video–analytics with gender, age grouping and emotions identification.

Alioscopy glasses–free 3D displays
Award winner of Worldwide Innovation Challenge 2014 in France, offering 3D solutions for OOH media and advertising:
– Digital signage display;
– Communication and marketing events;
– Trade shows events;
– Medical imaging;
– Design and prototyping;
– Training and simulation;
– Museums.

Adooh platform for digital OOH media
– A complete digital signage content and advertising campaign management including:
– Content scheduling, distribution and DOOH players software suite;
– Media asset management;
– IOT Sensor and audience management integration,

Video analytics and smart–sensors–integrated solutions for smart cities and public place (transportation hub, shopping malls,...)
– Car counting;
– River and cloud monitoring for water flood monitoring and prediction
– Queue management (taxi, service, F&B,...);
– Heatmap generation;
– Wireless network of low–energy sensors.

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