Global deliveries, the Nordic way.

For years now, delivery companies have bragged about having the biggest trucks, the fastest planes and the coolest ships. But a brave new world needs brave new solutions. For global e-tailers, finding the right way to the market matters more than which truck takes them there. So instead of owning a fleet of planes, trucks and ships ourselves, we’re experts on finding the best possible delivery solution for you. That’s our take on deliveries. No more, no less.

As a part of PostNord, the leading supplier of communication and logistics solutions in the Nordics, Direct Link creates borderless e-commerce solutions for global delivery. We develop customised solutions that expand our clients’ markets worldwide.

We are experts in cross-border deliveries and help our clients find the right way to global markets. Working through the global postal network, we are able to reach consumer mailboxes all over the world – no matter where they are. To key destinations, and where suitable, we partner with best-in-class specialist carriers to enhance our range of delivery options. It’s as simple as that. No hassle, no hitches. We call it: Global deliveries, the Nordic way.

Services: Postal and logistics solutions for e-commerce and other industries.

Countries targeted: Worldwide.

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