Harmony & Mobility Consulting is an international HR consulting and coaching boutique company, expert in career transition and leadership development. In our fast–paced changing world, people and organizations have to constantly address new situations that are often challenging. Convinced that a successful transition is key to perform, we design and deliver HR and coaching solutions to facilitate change by developing talented individuals and high–performing teams in a multicultural environment.

CAREER MANAGEMENT: Supporting career & employability development in an international context
Career assessment, Outplacement
Global mobility: International career perspectives, professional spouse support
Entrepreneurial journey

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Developing talents & high–performing teams to remain agile within their global and changing environment and improve their performance durably.
Executive coaching
Leadership transition and development
Group coaching to develop team cohesiveness

Our certified coachs have a strong expertise in Career Management & Leadership Development as well as a hands–on experience and a deep understanding of organizational dynamics

Our clients in Asia: Airbus, AirFrance, ArdianInvestments, Clarins, Danone, Dragages, Essilor, Gemalto, GroupeRichemont, Hermes, LVMH, Michelin, Thales, Total, Unilever

Harmony & Mobility Consulting Singapore operates in Singapore, China and South–East Asia. Other branches cover UK, France and Belgium.

1 Fullerton Road, #02-01 One Fullerton

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