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- If applicable : A permanent discount on wine and spirits to get them delivered at home and enjoy great boutique wines over the largest choice in Singapore.

FCCS2018 will give you 10% off for all your orders above 400 SGD

About Epicurio :


Asia’s #1 Wine & Spirits Marketplace, Epicurio, provides you with with over 3,300 wines & spirits to discover thanks to their personnalized sommelier recommendations. Making new wine purchases and getting them delivered to your doorstep using Epicurio's full service capability makes a customers wine buying experience that much easier. With thousands of wine enthusiasts already in its community since its official launch in November 2015, Epicurio looks set to take over the wine scene in Asia.


Offering more than 3,300 amazing wine and spirits labels at the best prices in four countries throughout Asia, and with plans to expand to eight by the end of 2018. Epicurio has recently been funded and accelerated by the well-known investor 500 Startups.


Epicurio now has even more access and opportunity to capture the Wine and Spirits Asian market online. Growing currently by 300% yearly, the startup is expected to see a boost in their growth for 2018 as now operating in Singapore, Hong-Kong, Malaysia and Thailand.


Epicurio's Co-founders, Clement Hochart and Sebastien Le Goff, are passionate about the wine and spirits industry and are excited about offering a new level of service to its customers.


Epicurio aims to inspire wine-lovers to the social aspect of wine, while making it as convenient as possible to purchase great wine directly regardless of whether you’re at home, in the office or running your own bar.


Based on their innovative new platform, Epicurio enables users to not only make online purchases and review their favorite wines but also get recommendations based on their tasting profile and previous orders.


Epicurio will help a customer find a wine of their liking, get the best price for their market, then deliver it to their doorstep. Epicurio's system optimizes the supply-chain of wine to go direct-to-consumers or restaurants and help brands or wineries to launch their product in Asia.


Website: www.epicurio.co

Email:  order@epicurio.co