Promising start-up in music industry looking for partner - CTO

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Looking for co-founders
Retail & Consumer Products

1. Activity


Creation of personalized musical identity for stores/restaurants/hotels to enhance the customer experience. The company also develops a music streaming platform for B2B to promote upcoming artists.


The start-up designs playlists in phase with the brand identity, strategy and audience and provide a smooth platform to control/play music in commercial spaces.


The project is initiated by an entrepreneur living in Asia for the past 8 years, used to work with the retail industry - focused on branding - who noticed that the musical identity is underdeveloped.  


2. Targeted partner


CTO in charge of all the tech part: website, app: iOS and Android, Dashboard. The person should already have a strong experience as CTO or in the tech field for at least 10 years.

Terms and conditions of partnership to be discussed.