French energy giant ENGIE to move Asia-Pacific HQ to Singapore

Monday, 29 October, 2018

  • Aligned with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, ENGIE’s new regional headquarters will support innovations for sustainable energy management solutions
  • New regional headquarters underscores the company’s commitment to supporting Asia-Pacific’s energy transition journey, and to developing a localised highly-skilled workforce

ENGIE announced it will be relocating its Asia-Pacific headquarters from Bangkok, Thailand to Singapore in 2019, with a focus on supporting governments and businesses in the region capitalise on sustainable growth opportunities. An island nation strategically located in the heart of Asia Pacific region, Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative will provide ENGIE a strong platform across Asia-Pacific to help accelerate the region’s energy transition.


With over 4,000 employees based in the region contributing US$ 3 billion in revenue, the Asia-Pacific market is of strategic importance to ENGIE’s business globally. ENGIE’s move to Singapore also accompanies its plan to more than double its workforce in Asia-Pacific within the next 10 years, underpinned by the region’s stunning economic growth and subsequent demands for clean and sustainable energy solutions.


“As the leading energy, technology and economic hub in Asia-Pacific, Singapore is a natural choice for us as we grow our footprint in this region. Many of our customers are based here with businesses across the region, our move will put us closer to them, giving them better access to ENGIE solutions and services that will support their growth in a sustainable manner,” said Paul Maguire, CEO of ENGIE Asia-Pacific. “Singapore’s vision to be a Smart Nation and its leadership in innovation and sustainability provides ENGIE with an ideal platform where we can build, test and scale our innovations, cementing our position as the leader in Asia-Pacific’s energy transition.”


Low-carbon, high-performing and sustainable energy for Asia-Pacific


With approximately 7,0001 multinational corporations (MNCs) running their Asia-Pacific operations out of Singapore, the close proximity of ENGIE’s new regional headquarters to many of its clients will foster closer collaborations for innovative energy solutions and services that can be customised to meet the needs of the different markets.


ENGIE’s latest move follows their S$80 million investment plan announced in March this year, when the Group launched its Centre of Expertise in Singapore in energy efficiency and district cooling for the region. In addition to developing and rolling out digital solutions and services across Asia-Pacific, ENGIE will continue to serve its clients and partners across the region through its network of offices in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.


With a focus on decarbonising, decentralising and digitalising the energy mix for the region, ENGIE will continue to invest and develop renewable and clean energy solutions including solar, geothermal, wind, biomass, gas and decentralised generation to help support Asia-Pacific’s robust economic growth for a sustainable future.


Building in Singapore for Asia-Pacific


ENGIE’s new Asia-Pacific headquarters and Executive team will be located at Golden-Agri Plaza along Pasir Panjang road, together with several ENGIE’s business units, including ENGIE Services, ENGIE Factory, ENGIE Lab, and ENGIE Axima. With its regional headquarters opening in Singapore, ENGIE will bring its values-focused culture to attract, train and develop talents to help drive energy innovation and excellence in the region.


Supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), ENGIE’s new headquarters in Singapore will grow its localised highly-skilled workforce, further establishing the city state as the authority in clean energy management in the region.


“Singapore has been playing an active role in the transformation of the global energy sector. We are glad that ENGIE recognises Singapore’s leadership in energy, digital and finance, and is anchoring its Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore. ENGIE’s latest investment will help catalyse the development of innovative solutions for the region’s growing demand for smart and sustainable energy,” said Lee Eng Keat, Executive Director, Commercial & Professional Services, EDB.


Since establishing its presence in Singapore two decades ago, ENGIE has intensified its efforts to help Asia-Pacific move towards sustainable energy management recently. Key milestones in Singapore include:

  • The establishment of ENGIE Lab to serve as a hub for energy innovation and technology in Southeast Asia (July 2016)
  • ENGIE’s partnership with Sigfox and UnaBiz for Singapore’s first nationwide IoT network rollout (October 2016)
  • Launching Southeast Asia’s largest multifluid renewable energy microgrid on Semakau Island (February 2017)
  • The investment plan of S$80 million in Centre of Expertise to drive digital, energy efficiency and district cooling initiatives for the region (March 2018)
  • Avril Digital Outcome-focused Services was launched to help support Singapore’s growing data centre market, leveraging data-driven intelligence to help operators drive efficiency and adapt to business growth (June 2018)


ENGIE’s new headquarters is expected to be fully operational by middle of 2019.