Introducing D-Vine, the world’s first dispenser that serves wine by the glass with the perfect aeration and temperature in under a minute

Friday, 2 December, 2016

Debuting in Singapore, the first country in Asia, on 1 December 2016


Raise a toast to a new revolution in wine technology, a “D-vine” inspiration that will propel wine aficionados into the future of wine appreciation. A cutting-edge invention that blossomed from a desire to enjoy good wines at every serving, D-Vine is poised to open up a new world of convenience, conviviality and connected-ness, where wine is even more accessible than ever for the consumers.



D-Vine is not just an apparatus serving wine; it is a lifestyle technology designed to improve the way you enjoy and interact with wine. It sets the benchmark for being incredibly simple to use and maintain, with an understated design aesthetic that fits effortlessly into the interior décor of even the most discerning home owners.


Launching 1 December 2016 with only 50 units available for sale before 2017, D-Vine is the latest must-have home gadget for wine lovers and envelope-pushing hosts. Think of it as if you are having your own virtual sommelier at home, D-Vine is more than meets the eye in its potential to make wine more accessible than ever. Here are its three key benefits:


#1 Enjoy a perfect glass of wine in its optimum serving condition – any time, every time

D-Vine takes the guess work out of wine preparation by serving 100ml wine flacons into a glass with the perfect aeration and temperature according to the affixed RFID tag, whether you are having a red, white or rosé wine.  The entire process takes less than a minute!


#2 Offer more wine options than ever before for your party – and you don’t need to buy several bottles anymore

Make a lasting impression on your guests by serving up their favourite wines by the glass; gone are the days when everyone drinks out of the few opened bottles of wine. With 22 different types of wine offered by D-Vine, and more to be introduced in 2017, guests are not only pampered with choices, they also get to decide when they want it served, in order to savour the wine at its freshest.


#3 Expand your wine knowledge at a whim – each flacon is your “bookmark”

The quest to becoming a wine connoisseur takes time, so why not let D-Vine be your partner to widen up your horizon - by the flacons. Use your NFC-enabled smart phone to scan the RFID tagged to the flacon, and it will take you to D-Vine’s proprietary website where it provides online content on the wine you are drinking. From its vineyard, tasting tips by an in-house oenologist to wine pairing advice, D-Vine brings a world of knowledge at your disposal like never before.

The “D-Vine” Inspiration

D-Vine is the brainchild of three French co-founders, Thibaut Jarrousse, Jerome Pasquet and Luis Da Silva, who are engineers by training. They envisioned using technology to better assist the average consumer, as well as wine connoisseurs, in tasting and appreciating the true value of fine wines – all delivered in an innovative, fashionable yet affordable way.


United by their passion, expertise and pride in their French roots in wine, the gentlemen set up their own company 10-Vins in 2012 and thus began a 3-year research into D-Vine, a revolutionary appliance that is destined to make wine more accessible to consumers.


“The idea of D-vine grew from my frustrations in getting a glass of good wine with the perfect oxygenation and temperature when I needed it. With new technology introduced every day to revolutionise and improve the quality of people’s life, we felt it was a right time to innovate wine consumption habits and challenge traditional serving methods.


Our objective is pure and simple: everyone deserves a glass of perfect wine - whenever they want it. Coupled with the Internet of Things that is changing the way we communicate, we even leveraged RFID technology to bring our patrons unprecedented access to online wine knowledge – now by the flacons,” said Thibaut Jarrousse, CEO of 10-Vins.


As an exclusive D-Vine Representative for ASEAN, Bertrand Tellier brings over 20 years of management experience in the trading and manufacturing sector, mainly packaging and printing for FMCG industry, and is now responsible to lead the regional expansion of D-Vine in Asia. As a wine lover and a Frenchman, Bertrand believes in the potential of D-Vine in shaping the way people enjoy wine in more convivial, convenient and conversational way.


“Wine consumption in Singapore is growing tremendously. In fact, Singaporean wine consumption has grew up to 40% over the past decade (2008 till 2017)1, which is 4.6 times faster than the world average, and I believe this rate of growth would continue for the next decade. This signals a maturing market and we can expect more Singaporeans getting adventurous and knowledgeable with their wines. However, the common challenge that most drinkers faced is serving a glass of wine in its optimum drinking condition, that is, the right aeration and temperature – a preparation step which sommeliers are trained for. For personal home consumption, D-vine is heaven-sent as it behaves like a virtual sommelier that prepares your wine automatically – in under a minute. It is stylish, convenient and surprisingly simple to use,” said Bertrand Tellier, Managing Director of Alam Baru Pte Ltd and exclusive D-Vine Representative ASEAN.


D-Vine’s Wine Selection Committee

Consumers who had invested in a D-Vine dispenser can be assured of a well-curated wine list. All wines offered by D-Vine undergo stringent tasting and selection by D-Vine’s selection committee, which includes their in-house oenologist Beatrice Dominé, who meets with winegrowers regularly. A restaurant owner herself, Beatrice also recommends wines for food pairings, which are packaged into digital media content accessible via D-Vine’s website.


The committee’s goal is to source the best wines from around the world and offer it through D-Vine, so Singaporean consumers can look forward to more wine options release in the future.