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A work permit is necessary for a foreigner to work in Singapore.

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Generally, French people can enter Singapore with a simple visa called Social Visit Pass, available for 90 days and delivered upon arrival without any fees.

In a professional environment, it is necessary to apply for a work permit matching your activity and the duration of your stay.

There are several work permits’ categories according to your professional group:

  • • Executives: Employment Pass (EP), EntrePass and Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)
  • • Skilled and semiskilled workers (technicians): S Pass
  • • Workers: Work Permit
  • • Interns and students: Work Holiday Pass and Training Work Permit


The Employment Pass (EP) It is the most common work permit for the French people who are not permanent residents (PRs). It is for people with:

  • a master degree – recognised in Singapore;
  • a significant professional experience;
  • specific skill sets.

The EP is not subjected to quotas but the company must justify the added value brought by the foreign worker and encouragement of local employment.

visa singapour salaire minimum   Since the 1st January 2018, work permit pass holders (Employment Pass or S Pass) must earn a minimum fixed monthly salary of 6.000 SGD to apply for a Dependant Pass for his/her legally married spouse or unmarried children under 21 years old, and of 12.000 SGD to apply for a Long Term Visit Pass for his/her parents.

The EntrePass: It is a work permit for foreign entrepreneurs specialised in certain sectors with specific eligibility conditions:

  • Partnerships with local universities or institutions;
  • Patents filing;
  • Funding from venture capital companies, Business Angels etc.

And also specific renewal conditions:

  • Total annual business spending over a certain amount;
  • A certain number of local staff (Singaporeans or PRs) recruitment.


The S Pass : It is a pass under quotas. It is limited to 15% of the total of employees of a company in the service sector and to 20% in all the other sectors.


The Work Permit : It is a pass reserved to blue-collar workers and domestic employees.


To work in Singapore, and be joined by close family (spouse, unmarried children under 21 years old, parents), it is necessary to apply for each member of family for a long term pass. For example, the Dependant Pass (DP) is for the married spouse and the children. Persons under DP can work thanks to the Letter of Consent (LOC) applied by the company wishing to recruit him.


In this context, these are the steps to seriously apply for a work permit:

  • 1. Apply through an agency certified EA (Employment Agency) by the MOM (Ministry of Manpower), and therefore their agents are equally certified. The EA (Employment Agency) number materials must appear on their communication. Also, the agents have an EAP (Employment Agency Personnel) registration number which can be used to raise a dispute or feedback and you can verify their authenticity on the MOM’s website in the EA Directory section.
    • These agencies are the only authorities allowed to share accurate and reliable information concerning the visa applications.
    • Moreover, they are in direct contact with the concerned authorities and so, are regularly informed of the latest regulations updates.
  • The EA agency supplies you the forms and the list of the necessary documents to prepare for your application.
  • The agency submits the online application(s) to the MOM. The duration of the application’s process and approval entirely depends on the MOM.
  • The MOM sends a notification result online:
    • If the application is unsuccessful, up to two appeals can be made if the rejection reasons given by the MOM may be argued with evidence.
    • If the application is approved, the MOM delivers an ‘’In-Principle Approval Letter’’ (IPA) available for 6 months – period during which procedures must be finalised in order for the work/residence pass to be issued.
  • Once the applicant arrives in Singapore, an appointment is scheduled with the MOM for finger printing, photo taking and request for corresponding pass cards.


The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore benefits from an accreditation delivered by the MOM (Ministry of Manpower). In 2017, we submitted 225 visa applications with an approval rate of 97%.



The MOM (Ministry of Manpower) accredited the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore: EA License Number 10C4756. A certified and experienced member of our team is exclusively in charge of visa applications.


We offer assistance and personalised advice to help you choose the most suitable visa for your situation. We prepare a detailed and complete file for online visa applications. In 2017, we submitted 225 visa applications with an approval rate of 97%.



"When I arrived in Singapore, I was lucky to ask the French Chamber of Commerce to help me in my visa application and I wish to thank all the team for their numerous help and answers to my questions."


Antoine Collet, General Manager, S4M



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