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In more than 50 years, Singapore has become one of the world’s leading financial place with many private investors.


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Since its independence, the city-state has strongly prospered and is today the cradle of many wealthy families and persons. There are more than 20 billionaires and a few hundreds of thousands millionaires in Singapore and among them, many private investors.


With these developments, investment structures have developed and diversified: private equity funds, venture capital companies, Business Angels networks, banks, major groups, crowdfunding platforms, individuals…We can identify in Singapore more than 50 private equity funds, more than 60 venture and development capital companies, and a dozen Business Angels networks which are specialised in one or many sectors.


The investment amount goes from a few thousands to dozens of millions Singaporean dollars and are applicable to start-ups’ projects as well as larger companies.


Business Angels networks

Accompanying the economic development of Southeast Asia, Business Angels networks have developed and contribute, from Singapore, to the rise and growth of start-ups in Asia. The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore supports start-ups in their developments with its Startups & Entrepreneurs Committee. The Chamber organises many networking events such as Meet with Business Angels.


Venture Capital/Capital development Companies

Since 2012, venture capital activities have quickly increased with the emergence of a start-up environment. Singapore start-ups’ in stages of development are differently covered. We can observe a predominance of investment from venture capitalists in the early stages of B and C series. Beyond these stages, the start-ups are also supported by Singapore public funds. However it is possible to conduct fund-raising for an A series, as testified by Wavecell, a start-up led by a French man.


Investment funds

Investment funds can belong to a group of individuals, a family who manages its own estate, or tycoons. Investments funds can also come from large companies such as big real estate firms.



Local banks grant loans to companies already established in Singapore to fund all kinds of operations. Furthermore, investment banks supply all consulting, intermediation and execution activities related to financing operations: initial public offering, debt issue, merger and acquisition of major ‘’corporate’’ clients (companies, investors, but also States…)


Finally, major groups such as Google, Intel, and SingTel have also their own investment funds.


List of investors in Singapore

Capital Land, Far East Capital, HERA Capital, 500 Startups (Durians), Golden Gate Ventures, Jungle Ventures, Sequoia, Wavemaker, DBS, HSBC, OCBC, UOB, BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, Société Générale




Business missions to help you identify and meet the right financial partners interested in your project.

Business Opportunity Platform to give visibility to projects in research of investors. (investments below 2 million SGD)

Visit our Member's Directory, to view consulting companies in investment and M&A (Merger and Acquisition), who are members of the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore



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