You represent a consortium of French companies and you would like to enter the Singapore, Southeast Asia or French market.


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Assist your members out of Europe towards Singapore/Southeast Asia, a developing region in a favourable business environment.


We often work as partners with groups of companies such as clusters, professional associations…in order to cooperate on different topics.


We create with them specific and personalised actions. You will find a list of the different programmes of support based on the positive feedbacks of our partners and on our experience of supporting clusters.


We let you choose the most appropriate programme adapted to your international strategy. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore with your members Singapore/Southeast Asia’s potential from France by:
  • Publishing targeted press articles to support your communication
  • Organising individual meetings or shared workshops addressing your needs, on site or remotely, with experts from different sectors (legal, intellectual property…)
  • Know about the state of the art in Research and Innovation in your activity sector, meet the economic actors of R&D (Research and Development), discover Singapore and the start-ups’ eco-system thanks to our Business Missions.
  • Start and boost the development of your members in Singapore/Southeast Asia with a customised programme which may include:
  • Meeting with an important public or private decision maker;
  • Pitch sessions in front of local companies;
  • Participation to an exhibition;
  • Visit to selected sites;
  • A programme of B2B meetings, personalised for each member…
  • Support new businesses between your members and local prospects. One meeting is generally not enough to close a business deal that is why you can ask one dedicated person in Singapore from the French Chamber of Commerce to do the follow-up: benefit from our company pool manager, a senior business developer whose mission is to develop the business of a group of companies.


Learn more about our Company Pool Managers here


Moreover, in order to pursue and build lasting business connections, to enter local and regional professional networks, to have a good knowledge of the decision process, to detect tenders, to be reactive and to develop and animate one’s client portfolio in Southeast Asia, your members can chose the setting up.


In every single project, we assist you to advise your members: budget, legal and regulatory framework, recruitment… for a complete and optimal market approach.




In photos : Discovery Mission for Bouygues Group, March 2017



<< Market Approach

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