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The Company Pool Manager in Singapore, the flexible solution at an affordable cost to explore the market efficiently.


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Why a Company Pool Manager in Singapore?


Singapore is a really attractive and judicious destination in many sectors (robotics, innovation, sustainable development, smart city…). When the resources allocated to export in Asia are limited, the Company Pool Manager is an excellent alternative to:

  • Develop your offer remotely based on relevant information obtained on the spot from potential customers
  • • Maintain your presence on site and maintain regular relations with your prospects and customers, for example after a business mission or your participation in a tradeshow
  • • Validate your project of company set-up thanks to a preliminary commercial approach to secure a sufficient turnover at launch.


To ensure these different missions, we propose a part-time Singaporean company pool manager resource assigned to explore, prospect and follow your company’s export activities. Therefore you can benefit from a local solution at an affordable cost, of a determined period, renewable and without any important commitment for your company.



What is the profile of the Company Pool Manager?


Singapore is a really mature and competitive market. We realised that the results are even more significant if the company pool manager is from Singapore: cultural aspects, local network, Chinese language…


This local expert gathers all the necessary qualities for your development in Singapore and Southeast Asia:

  • A senior commercial executive, employee of the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore
  • A quadrilingual local: English, Malay, Mandarin, Hokkien (Chinese dialect)
  • A sectoral expertise
  • An experience in the Business Development
  • An in-depth knowledge of the Asian market


The Company Pool Manager’s missions are really diverse, adaptable and complementary to support you in the realisation of your project. According to your needs, the Company Pool Manager acts on a strategic as well as operational level.


Daily rates adapted to your project with a minimum of 4 days engagement on a contract period of 3 months.


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