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Singapore, with its economic singularity, ramping growth and governance method, attracts curious public stakeholders from all over the world. There is a vast field of opportunities and the topics to address are also numerous.


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For many years, the French Chamber has conceived, achieved and coordinated the organisation of economic delegations in Singapore. These are designed for delegations composed with State representatives, elected consulars, economic development actors, institutions and companies’ representatives.


Smart cities - Smart Nation

Urban Mobility


Sustainable Development


Tourism - Gastronomy


Company of the Future – Additive Manufacturing

> Start-ups


For each delegation, the programme is tailored with the dynamic professional network of 740 companies, members of the French Chamber, and our Singapore partners according to the needs of the clients and the topics to address. From 1 to 5 days, the agenda can combine collective and individual sessions with conferences, visits to remarkable industrial sites, networking sessions with the economic and institutional community of Singapore, speed meetings sessions, organisation of individual meetings, participation in events organised by the Chamber of Commerce's Business Club.


Examples of delegations programmes:


For 2 days:

  • A half-day session of collective conferences
  • A half-day session of visits of industrial sites
  • 1 evening of professional networking
  • 1 day for 3 to 4 individual meetings


For 5 days:

  • 5 times a half-day session of collective conferences
  • 5 times a half-day session of visits of industrial and cultural sites
  • 3 evenings of professional networking
  • 4 periods of training /building of individual projects


If it concerns delegations from several countries in Asia, we can cooperate with the Chambers of Commerce of the targeted countries. Indonesia-Singapore-Malaysia, Singapore-Australia or Singapore- Philippines delegations had already been organised.




In photos : Networking evening with a delegation of representatives from the Île-de-France region, February 2017



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