The International Corporate Volunteer programme (VIE)


To develop its activity abroad, a company can choose to hire an International Corporate Volunteer (VIE, Volontariat International en Entreprise).

Everything you need to know about VIE.


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TTo approach a new market with a lot of flexibility, all companies can use the International Corporate Volunteer programme (Volontariat International en Entreprise, VIE) managed by Business France. This programme allows French companies to reinforce their international development while giving young Europeans, aged from 18 to 28 years old, the opportunity to be involved in a flexible training experience abroad from 6 to 24 months.


The tasks assigned to these young people can be commercial or technical. The special status of the VIE exempts the company from any contractual link and social charges in France. Business France takes care of its administrative and legal management. The company takes care of the allowance of the VIE, determined by Business France, the monthly management and social security fees, and operational expenditure.


The steps of the VIE process in Singapore

  • Obtain the approval of the State for the VIE programme
  • Find the hosting structure approved by Business France, which will mentor the VIE (the professional guardianship must be ensured by an executive who is living locally)
  • Hire the VIE
  • Compile the file and sign the agreement with Business France
  • People in VIE in Singapore have to apply for a work permit called the Employment Pass attached to a local entity. They must arrive in Singapore once they received the approval letter from the MOM (Ministry of Manpower). The legal entity related to the application for an EP can be a Representative Office (RO) or any other legal structure such as a Private Limited (Pte Ltd).


To learn more about the work permit application, visit Visas

For more information about the French public grants, click here



In Singapore, the French Chamber of Commerce is a domiciliation, business centre and support structure which is referenced by Business France for this process.


To carry out his tasks under the best possible conditions and to be quickly operational, a VIE must from the beginning of his contract be advised on the strategic orientations to take. He must not be geographically isolated and on his own in terms of methods.


In Singapore, the French Chamber of Commerce is a domiciliation, business centre and support structure which is referenced by Business France for this process. We provide the VIE person a fully furnished and equipped workspace, a professional environment which allows a rapid adaptation to Singapore, an experience sharing from other VIEs or existing business teams and a safe environment for the VIE, but also for the company.


Discover the testimonial of Fu-Chang TRAN, Business Development Manager, LINKBYNET, VIE hosted in the Business Centre of the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.



Our proposed services

1 | A workspace

The VIE will be provided with an equipped office/workstation and ancillary services.


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2 | Domiciliation of the company

A postal address






This service is included in our accommodation offer.


3 | Personalised Management/Support of the VIE

The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore offers a management of the VIE based on the following services and advice:

  • The Head of Business Support takes responsibility for the VIE on behalf of the tutor ;
  • Support in the administrative procedures ;
  • Practical advice on the market approach (economic and cultural aspects, sectoral approaches, etc.)
  • Access to the French Chamber of Commerce’s Directory ;
  • Privileged relationships with the Business Support Department ;
  • The tutor will ensure a follow-up on the progress of the projects, advice, methods, and useful contacts.

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To benefit from a constructive support and an efficient follow-up, the company can also join the Mentoring Programme of the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore:

  • This programme can be provided to SMEs (Small-to-Medium Enterprises) with the wish to develop in the region, given voluntary mentors, volunteers, business executives, experienced senior managers and experts of the Asian region. Most are foreign trade advisors or members of the French Chamber of Commerce’s Directory who have volunteered to spend a part of their time to bring advice and share their experience.
  • The Programme is a support of a minimum of 6 months based on a personal and individual relationship Mentor/Mentee with a mutual commitment of at least 3 meetings.
  • It is explicitly stated that the Mentor’s commitment is in his personal name (not the company’s) and that the success of the programme is based on trust, respect and confidentiality.
  • The companies interested to participate in VIE programme must fill in an online form. After study of the file, a mentor is proposed to the company and the first meeting with the VIE will define the goals and a planning of meetings.


4 | Membership with the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

To benefit from these services and priviledges, the membership to the French Chamber of Commerce is required. This membership allows the access to all of our events and services with preferential rates.


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