Tradeshows - French Pavilion


French Pavilions in Singapore‘s international tradeshows, even more opportunities for your development in Asia.

Benefit from the great image of France in Asia, synonym of quality and seriousness, and approach easily Southeast Asia by letting our experts taking care of your participation and logistics.


In 2018, the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore organises 4 French Pavilions in tradeshows of international reach in the Medtech and Digital sectors.




There are plenty of tradeshows in Singapore. From events in the medical field with tradeshows such as IDEM ou MEDICALFAIR, to ICT with NXTASIA and BROADCASTASIA including the Food and Hotel Asia, most sectors are represented. How can you benefit from these professional events? Participating in a tradeshow presents numerous benefits, it is necessary to understand the stakes involved and to be well prepared to this event.


For some companies, tradeshows are above all a way to discover the Asian market: to observe the good practices and the local customs, analyse competition, understand its functioning… For others, it is about reaffirming their position in Singapore and the region, but also understanding the new trends in Southeast Asia. Indeed, a physical presence gives the opportunity to gather many information and to generate a maximum of meetings. Exhibiting on a booth gives the opportunity to export your products and services, ideas, image, and to present your company as a real actor of the market. Exhibiting in Singapore allows the company to be visible in all Southeast Asia’s region which represents more than 600 millions of consumers. This exposure attracts new clients and tighten the promotion of the company’s products.


Apart from its visitors and many spontaneous meetings, it is also really important to take advantage of the tradeshow to plan meetings with key actors. Contacting before your arrival, announcing your presence and checking about your know-how in Singapore are crucial steps to set-up. The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore helps you in these steps via our services:

  • Business Missions:We assist you in the identification of strategic contacts and organise for you a planning of professional meetings during the tradeshows.
  • Tradeshows: we also help you in the organisation of your participation in tradeshows as an exhibitor by proposing you a turnkey package.


The strength of the French Pavilion is to gather French companies and to increase visibility thanks to the power of the France labelling. French people are renowned for their many know-how and the quality of their products. To take advantage of this comparative edge, it is more effective to gather under the French Pavilion, as voiced out by our exhibitors. It is really important to us to foster their exchanges, which we promote by organising friendly networking moments especially for them.



We facilitate your set-up by dealing with all the administrative aspects and the design of the French Pavilion. We are your single contact and we offer you the possibility to customise your booth in order to have an optimum impact on the visitors. The idea is to allow exhibiting companies to focus only on the business aspect and to enhance the opportunities..



In 2018, the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore organises 4 French Pavilions in tradeshows of international reach in the Medtech and Digital sectors.





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