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The FCCS Entrepreneurs Committee is the platform for entrepreneurs to meet and network. In order to share experiences and visions, the committee recently launched the ‘Entrepreneur Spotlight’ where a series of interviews with successful French Entrepreneurs in Singapore will be conducted every two weeks.

Interview with Françoise Carbonnel, Partner, Harmony & Mobility Consulting


A few words about your business


Harmony & Mobility Consulting is a Human Resources Agency created in Beijing, and then settled in Singapore and in Casablanca, specialized in helping and driving expatriates and spouses, in their own Mobility and Integration.



Why did you choose Singapore to set up your business?


As nomads, the life brought us here. However Singapore is the perfect place to set up a business: easy administrative process, strong support of Singaporean authorities, dynamic French institutions and networking. With a strong economic growth, Singapore is a strategic hub in South East Asia welcoming more and more expatriates. The high turnover and the inter-cultural issues in the geographic area are the key elements of our core business.


You set up your company in 2009 with two partners; is it easier to have 3 founding partners rather than start alone? 


Definitely, it is easier to be three with three different experiences as consultants in various companies and organizations gave us a larger picture. Therefore the services that we built are on a larger scope.


We succeeded in building a strong working-interaction and group dynamics.


After my relocation to Singapore, we decided to go on together with the same company and despite the distance, our relationships were still very powerful. We always had the feeling to be supported by each of us and we could go ahead in solving issues and adapting our services. However, for day to day matters and business development purposes, I needed to reconnect with a closer collaboration. This is why Aude Beneton recently joined me in Singapore as a consultant.



You are facing a tough competition, how do you differentiate your services and your added-value?


We provide individual and tailor-made services (Induction program, coaching, HR seminar, outplacement, career assessment...) and we develop strong and trusted relationship with our clients. We are very demanding ourselves which equates to providing a high level of commitment. We offer adapted services aligned with expatriates and spouses issues all along the expatriation period.


The crossing of our various experiences in career management in consultancy agency, people and change management in corporate and entrepreneurial development brings us a good understanding of the professional issues encountered by our clients.



What would be the key learning’s of your entrepreneurial experience?


The George Clemenceau quote illustrates very well our experience as entrepreneurs: “Il faut savoir ce que l’on veut. Quand on le sait, il faut avoir le courage de le dire ; quand on le dit, il faut avoir le courage de le faire”.


Any tips for a successful expatriation?


We would like to say:


Aware of opportunities,
Rely on networking,
Never give up,
You will do it!




Françoise Carbonnel, Partner, Harmony & Mobility Consulting
Website: www.harmonymobility.com





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