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#3 French Investor Network masterclass: Take the plunge and attempt the Business Angel journey


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Prior to investing, angel investors normally seek to review all the aspects of the deal. This enables them to investigate the key aspects of the business and the investment proposal before committing to an investment.


Join this workshop series based on real cases and learn how to conduct a due diligence process, what must be considered before closing the deal.

The third session will focus on:

  1. Financials

 Financial analysis

  • What’s a business model?
  • Assumptions for business model
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Worst case, base case, best case?
  • Check debts
  • Consistency between numbers
  • Revenues vs. Net Operating Margin
  • Burn rate
  • Runway
  • Drag the investment decision to get some actual results 
  • Potential sources of ancillary revenues or diversification

Other important numbers

  • Hiring plan & salaries
  • Sales & marketing plans
  • CAC & LTV
  • Recurrence of clients, churn rate
  • Existing clients
  • Case study


 About the speaker
Franck Courmont, an Angel Investor, who has 25-years experience as an M&A Lawyer at US Law Firms, Investment Banks and an International Hospitality Group. In parallel, he launched two Real Estate Ventures in France and Florida. He took the plunge to become a full-time Business Angel a couple of years ago. Capitalising on his knowledge of the hospitality industry, together with his legal background; he is an adept of “smart money” to make an impact on the startup business industry.


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