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Big Data in Urban Design and Planning: where do we stand?

The Good Beer Company 2 Science Park Drive #01-23 Singapore, 118222

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The use of Big Data is the new frontier in urban development, leveraging - from the very beginning - information provided by residents and prospective citizens to plan and manage city precincts.


This is made possible by taking advantage of new and abundant forms of data, new ways of harnessing data sets, new sensing technologies and behavior models, and new possibilities for interaction among people, communities, and their physical environments.

How can data help cities create better physical environments for its residents? How do disciplines ranging from complexity science, data mining, urban design and policymaking converge to address city challenges? The talk will present current projects of the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore.


About the Speaker

Fabien Clavier is an urban planner and senior researcher at the Future Cities Laboratory (Singapore ETH Centre). He coordinates the Big Data Informed Urban Design and Governance group, which systematically explores the use of big data in the development of cities. Fabien has experience in urban masterplanning and smart cities development. Before joining ETH Zurich, he was Project Lead for a CNRS French-Singaporean lab dedicated to inclusive smart cities and digital public health.


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