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Mastermind to Success: How to quicken your transition to an entrepreneur ?

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Apply for a spot at this 90-minute virtual mastermind session and quicken your transition to an entrepreneur.


Ideas and momentum to execute are the 2 key items to successfully launching your business. Without ideas, nothing will get started. Without momentum to execute, nothing will work.

You can achieve both items without working alone.

This is attainable through a mastermind session.


Imagine you can quicken your transition to an entrepreneur in 90 minutes without working alone. What if you can get unstuck and stop the excuse "I have no ideas what to do next" by working with like-minded people.


That's the promise of our upcoming mastermind session. In this mastermind session, a small of 4 to 8 budding entrepreneurs will work together virtually to share resources e.g. ideas, information, feedback, contacts, referrals and so on.


What are the benefits to you? You will be able to …

- Get unstuck by learning from one another

- Get access to the collective experience and wisdom in a group

- Avoid blind spots and stop procrastinating

- Move your business ideas forward


Each mastermind is structured for 4 to 8 people only. Ideas and momentum to execute are important for an entrepreneur.


So don't miss out. Apply for a spot in this mastermind session. You will be able to secure a discount coupon (USD $100 off), specifically for FCC community.

You don’t need to make payment today. You just need to pre-register your spot today.


About the facilitator

Dickson Tang is a keynote speaker & author on creative human capital. He helps individuals and organizations develop future-ready creativity and business ideas.
His book "Leadership for future of work: 9 ways to build career edge over robots with human creativity" was featured in Forbes, Irish Tech News etc.
Dickson works with professionals from Cartier, CITIC Telecom, JVC Kenwood, Menicon, Montblanc, NETS, Novartis, Rakuten and many more. He holds an MBA from ESSEC Graduate School of Management in France and a Bachelor of Social Science from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
He is based in Singapore. Website:




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