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How sustainable procurement drive positive impact for your business

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Discover why top global companies are putting sustainable procurement at the top of their business priorities. 


This 1-hour webinar look at how companies can leverage procurement to create a positive impact within their supply chain. The webinar will covers: 

  • How global trends are pushing companies towards more sustainable and circular business practices
  • Why leading companies continuously improve sustainability performance within their supply chains
  • The results sustainable procurement can achieve, and how the process is managed

Join us for the Q&A session at the end of the webinar and share your questions and ideas on how to get started with sustainable procurement in your organization.

key takeaways

  • discover how procurement is the key leverage to boost CSR performance
  • understand major trends in global business and sustainable procurement
  • understand how sustainable procurement can be embedded in your company


Who should attend: 

Procurement and supply chain professionals, CSR managers and anyone else with an interest in this topic. 


Our Speaker:

Mieke Pieters

  • Mieke Pieters

Mieke is president of the Belgian Commission for the Standard on Circular Economy BS 8001 and Vice-President of the Belgian Committee for the development of the Standard on Sustainable Procurement ISO 20400-2017.  She is also CEO and founder of The Global Picture and Circular Hub, companies aiming to accelerate the sustainability impact of private and public organizations.



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