International Structured Finance and Derivatives 2021

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a Foundational and Legal Perspective


The financial crisis of 2008 and recent scandals in the banking sector have shown that professionals exposed to Financial Markets are required to have a good understanding of Structured Finance and derivatives which form an important building block in risk management for corporate, investors, arbitrageurs and project financiers.

Over the past two decades, structured finance and derivatives have become a crucial aspect of many financial transactions, while at the same time it has become increasingly difficult to train new generations of lawyers capable of keeping up with the complexity of this field. Big financial institutions usually have in-house expertise and all the various types of standard documentation required to carry out standard deals and only resort to external private lawyers for high-level and complex transactions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to gain the knowledge of complex structures without learning the basics. Unfortunately, the easy and basic transactions are not likely to cross the paths of the junior derivatives lawyer because they are all done in-house.

Many financial markets transactions require the use of instruments including Exchange traded and OTC derivatives such as, commodity, currency or interest rates swaps, forwards, futures and options. Credit Default Swaps and other credit derivatives have also been extensively applied for credit and counterparty risk hedging, securitization and the synthetic transfer of risk exposures. This program will allow the attendees to examine various practices related to structuring, documentation and execution of structured finance and derivatives transactions. It will provide the participants with the tools to analyze and critically assess financial products. Practical cases and examples will be utilized to illustrate the good practices as well as potential abuses of these financial instruments.

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