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Keeping common GST and Customs pitfalls on your radar

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Join Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow on this webinar to learn more about GST and Customs pitfalls

We live in such exciting times with the rapidly changing international tax landscape accompanied by a flurry of announcements from the OECD and various jurisdictions.

In this cacophony, GST and customs considerations are sometimes left to the back burner. However, with changes to the Singapore GST regime on the way, and GST an increasingly important source of government revenue, businesses should be prepared for intensified GST audits and compliance checks moving forward.
In this session, we focus on common mistakes made by taxpayers teased out by IRAS audits, and easily overlooked areas of the new Singapore GST regime. We also share our recent observations when submitting voluntary disclosures and practical case studies on customs valuation considerations which may give rise to GST implications.
If the idea of receiving questions from IRAS on your latest GST return or Singapore Customs on a recent consignment of goods sends a shiver up your spine, join us in this session where we hope to shed some light on these issues.


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