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NUS Dream Big: Ideas That Change The World - HERoes In Leadership

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A discussion on the interesting interplay between gender diversity, leadership and technology.

Gender diversity at the leadership level has been an important topic of debate. In the last two decades, the topic of leadership has, however, become even more complex with the emergence of new technologies, making it necessary for leaders to be tech savvy.

In this webinar, recent findings from the Centre on AI Technology for Humankind (AiTH) will be presented showing the effects that being knowledgeable in the technology area may have on being recognized as a leader and how this may influence the discussion about gender diversity and leadership.

To discuss the interesting interplay between gender diversity, leadership and technology, we invited four global female leaders (Andrea, Carolyn, Jane and Melanie) to find out their views on what it means to lead in today’s organizational landscape, which is filled with technological innovations. We will delve deeper into what drives them to excel in their leadership and in the technology industry, what challenges they faced and what they see as the way forward to promote gender equality when diversity in the workplace will take the shape of human-machine interactions.



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