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Smarthealth Summit 2020

Sheraton Towers, ballroom 1&2 39 Scotts Road

Deadline for registration:
Friday 9 October 2020 - 2:00 Pm

Registration will open soon *please note that booking the event in your calendar does NOT mean that you are registered. You need to register first if you want to attend an event.

Smart Health (https://smart-health.sg/) is a platform which brings together the French expertise in the healthcare sector to address the context of Singapore’s healthcare needs.


Following the launch of Smart Health in June 2017 and the first two editions of Smarthealth event, the French Chamber is organising its third edition highlighted 'Smart Health Summit'.

The Summit will provide an opportunity for healthcare actors to engage with stakeholders and experts represented at the event. It will highlight trends and new challenges that are shaping the landscape and explores solutions on how innovation can be rapidly integrated to deliver tomorrow’s healthcare solutions.

It will bring together one keynote speaker, two panels with experts, pitches of companies and a networking lunch!

Stay tuned for more information!

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