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After the success of the first round tables for SMEs, this session will take place on Thursday, 9 April from 12:15pm to 2.15pm and will focus on the current economic situation we are all facing being either being difficulties or opportunities.

If you are working for a company with a HQ outside Singapore (or funded in Singapore with a growing number of staff) and you are leading a team of less than 20 people locally, join this round table !

You will get the opportunity to present your business and challenges and get the feedback and insights of your peers. This accountability structure will help you keep focused and on track. Be empowered from this community to share on the same issues and get Best Practices feedback !

To prepare the session, please answer the following questions below and send it back to

  • Your name
  • Company's Name
  • Presentation of your company in 50 words max
  • Your current challenges or questions for this round table
  • One success to share

                            - Round table group limited to 8 participants -


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