Blu Buying Club

Privilege Description: 

If applicable: For 2019, Blu Buying Club is offering its premium membership to French Chamber members, without restriction.


With our premium membership, you can purchase a wide range of office supplies and services for your company.


Our negotiated prices usually feature a discount from 20% to 50% compared to public prices. We source only products and services from the best providers.


Our non public prices are accessible to Blu Blying Club members only.

About Blu Buying Club :


Blu Buying Club (BBC) is a Procurement as a Service platform.


It allows SMEs and larger entities to benefit from the great value of a procurement team without supporting its cost. With dozens of years of experience, our procurement professionals have sourced a wide range of supplies and non strategic services at the best price on the market.


Here are a few examples of the products and services available on BBC platform:


- Office supplies (paper, USB sticks etc.)


- Bottled water


- Fire and safety equipment


- Storage service


- Web design service


And many more Blu Buying Club comes in a two tier membership:

- free membership, to access a limited number of products and services on our platform at discounted prices

- premium membership, featuring the whole catalogue at even more discounted prices Premium membership is priced between 9.99 SGD to 499 SGD a month depending on the size of the company.