D'Gers Entertainment

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If applicable: 10% discount on Services (workshop, private/corporate events)

10% on a selection of artworks Company's presentation

About D'Gers Entertainment :


My artistic concept is based on the use of recycled green materials. I offer accessible art to all by organising workshop, events, private and corporate sessions: I stimulate the creativity that exists in each of us, while offering a moment of pleasure and imagination around an original and fancy artistic creation.


My tools and work techniques also involve recycling and imagination. I want to offer joy and dynamism as a non- conformist style.


Each session is a mixed media, different techniques, supports, materials and paintings. I orient the course with general ideas, and then help to express the mind with advice and explanation. My course subject is based on real elements and photography to help to visualize ideas.


My artwork follow an innovative style where each work is a prototype made of paintings, sticking and recycling with fancy decorative accessories. My paintings marry well with any style of interior. Each artwork has a unique history and reflects special feeling.


Website: dgers.com

Email:  dgers.ltd@gmail.com