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Singapore Business Federation: Joint Statement on Fair Hiring and Employment Practices

Under the aegis of the Singapore Business Federation, 29 Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) under the TAC Alliance joined forces today in a show of solidarity to collectively pledge support for a joint statement on fair hiring and employment practices. Together, the 29 TACs represent the diversity of Singapore’s business community, across different industry sectors and spanning Multinational Companies (MNCs), Large Local Enterprises (LLEs) and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented time of economic disruption for businesses and their workforce. As businesses welcome the new year and prepare for recovery and growth, the joint statement is an important call by the TACs to encourage their member companies to remain committed to recruiting candidates fairly based on merit and to developing their workforce. The 29 TACs have come together to declare their believe in the following core principles:

  1. Promote positive workplace relations
  2. Practise fair hiring
  3. Provide development opportunities

The full Joint Statement and list of supporting TACs can be viewed below:



Photo by Ben Thai on Unsplash


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