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ENGIE Lab Singapore awarded Impact Investor of the Year 2022

ENGIE Lab Singapore, the research centre of ENGIE for the APAC region, has won the Impact Investor Award of the Year 2022 for its commitment to facilitating the deployment of competitive and clean hydrogen technologies. 

The Impact Investor of the Year 2022 Award acknowledges and rewards key actors and impactful entities that invest in hydrogen (H2) projects to promote the development and utilization of green hydrogen in various industries. This award recognizes years of effort from the ENGIE Group in enhancing the vital role of green H2 in the energy transition through actual investment and a demonstration project by ENGIE Lab Singapore. 

ENGIE lab Singapore received The Impact Investor of the Year 2022 Award during the Investing in Green Hydrogen 2022 Conference in Singapore. 

Since 2016, ENGIE Lab Singapore has invested over $15 million to develop and operate its REIDS-SPORE multifluid microgrid in Singapore. Acting as one of the largest energy platforms in South-East Asia, the REIDS-SPORE microgrid is a unique energy testbed that unites into a smart network a full-chain green hydrogen system, solar PV panels, a wind turbine, a programmable load bank and several advanced control applications including an advanced Energy Management System (EMS).

At the core of its sustainability engagement, the platform hosts a 50 kVA H2 Power-to-Power system (H2P2P) with a 2 MWh equivalent of H2 energy storage. The H2 system boasts an H2 Refueling Station capable of powering ENGIE’s onsite H2 fuel cell light goods vehicle in under 5 minutes. 

Being situated on the Semakau Landfill, a remote island without mains water supplies, ENGIE’s H2P2P system is also equipped with solar-powered SOURCE Hydropanels to harvest water directly from ambient air for the generation of H2. Through this project, ENGIE Lab Singapore proves that full-chain H2P2P technology is sufficiently mature for commercial deployments and addresses these viability challenges in harsh tropical remote island environments. 


Moreover, deploying an H2P2P has allowed ENGIE Lab Singapore to capture and share know-how and experience on installing, commissioning, and operating complete full H2 chains, culminating in improving O&M processes and H2 system design. Given the nascency of H2 technology in the region, the REIDS-SPORE innovative microgrid acts as a training platform to empower competent personnel in the field and improve awareness amongst businesses and the public on the role of H2 in the energy transition.  

"Today, the importance of developing H2-based solutions globally is continuously increasing to build a carbon neutral economy. There are still very few H2 projects in the APAC region, and at ENGIE Lab Singapore, we are proud to be H2 pioneers and pave the way with the REIDS SPORE project. ENGIE Lab Singapore, with these H2 installations, continues to bridge the gap between R&D and business with the development of innovative, competitive and scalable low carbon solutions to accelerate the energy transition and help our clients in their journey towards carbon neutrality", explained Loïc VILLOCEL, Director of the ENGIE Lab Singapore.

If the REIDS-SPORE microgrid shows the capabilities of ENGIE to address the main energy transition challenges, it undoubtedly underlines ENGIE’s testament to further enhancing sustainable, reliable and affordable energy solutions. 

Find out more about The Hydrogen Impact Investment Awards 2022 and the ceremony on 15 Sept in Marina Bay Sands Singapore. 

The initiative "Investing in Green Hydrogen 2022", co-located with H2TECH Expo, is a leading global platform that unites the full hydrogen value chain. Its credo - ”Towards a Hydrogen Society - Accelerating the sustainable energy transition for a better, more resilient future”.  

SOURCE: ENGIE Lab Singapore 


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