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Hermès unveils its new flagship digital store in Singapore and thus, reinforces its omni-channel network in the country

Conceived like all Hermès stores by drawing on their ambiance, window displays, products, services and narratives, the new website combines e-commerce and content at a single address. has been given a new lease of life. The new website is in touch with the times and current habits of its contemporaries. Conceived and designed with an omni-channel approach by the house’s specialists, it offers a fluid browsing experience.

At, you can treat yourself to a long-desired object or stumble upon an unexpected piece as you move from one page to the next. In just a few clicks, visitors can explore the creativity of wide-ranging collections from the house’s 15 métiers.

Editorial content – films, photographs and articles – offers deeper insights into Hermès’ worlds. These narratives tell the stories behind the objects, artisans, workshops, events, materials, artists, know-how and fashion show…

With this new website, Hermès also shares its commitment to sustainable development, for example through the “Empreintes sur le monde” (“Footsteps across the world”) films by Frédéric Laffont. is an attitude that combines creativity, authenticity and singularity with the fluidity of an e-commerce website.

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