Development of The Gourmet Travel in Asia: launch of the new e-store in Hong Kong

The Gourmet Travel
Wednesday, 8 May, 2019

The Gourmet Travel is launching this week their e-store in Hong Kong: a direct extension of the Singapore shop.


Focusing on story telling, The Gourmet Travel is selling online a selected range of organic Kampot pepper and spices from La Plantation in Cambodia. 
La Plantation farm is the first fully organic Ecocert certified Kampot Pepper and Spices farm in the famous region of Kampot.

They are growing unique range of Kampot pepper, from the classical dry black, red or white pepper, to the highly recommended Salted fresh Pepper which has just received 2018 Gold award of Monde Selection. (International awards in Paris).

The range also include unique product such as Smoke white pepper, Flower of Salt with 11 spices, citrus mix with Kaffir lime and highly flavoured flower of turmeric.