Watch the video! French Chamber CSR Day 2018: A Great Beach Clean-Up Action with the Business Community!

French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore
Monday, 21 May, 2018

21 May 2018 – Continuing the clean-up effort started by our business community the year before, the French Chamber in Singapore gathered the business community again on 21 May 2018, early on Monday morning, to once again contribute to local environment protection efforts.




400 people from 40 companies collected a total of ~2.1 tonnes (2,100kg) of marine trash at Clean The Beach CSR Day 2018, a great turn-out for a Monday morning in an extremely busy business period!



Why a coastal clean-up?

In Singapore, our coastlines host a vast amount of biodiversity. Marine trash present in these areas can impact our wildlife adversely and devalue the natural beauty of the landscape. Volunteers in Singapore, like other concerned individuals around the world, conduct coastal clean-ups to remove this trash, raise awareness about the impact of marine trash, and motivate us to adopt sustainable practices in our daily urban lives.


Where is Tanah Merah Beach 7?

Tanah Merah Beach 7 is a state land located in the east of Singapore, next to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT). This area is closed to members of the public and permission is needed for each access. Trashes come exclusively from sea with the tides.



Why Record Data?

Throughout the year several actions are done to collect and record the trashes reaching Singapore coasts. Cleaning is not the only target of those actions, we aim to create awareness, record data and perform analysis from one year to another and throughout a year. The French Chamber in Singapore partnered with International Coastal Cleanup Singapore and after the clean-up, we handed over data of the marine trash collected, and together with other information they have recorded, they will be able to analyse trends and work towards protecting the environment better.




How did we do?

As with last year, 400 participants from 40 companies came together to collect a total of ~2.1 tonnes (2,100kg) of marine trash. It was a great occasion for companies to show their determination to act as responsible corporate citizens and make a positive impact on the environment in Singapore, contribute to saving marine and coastal wildlife in Singapore and champion environmental awareness locally.



We would like to make a special note of thanks to Danone and Decathlon for the beach master and Wise Team support, and certainly to all the participants for their enthusiasm and great contribution!




Thank you for joining us! 


See the photo gallery for more photos of the morning!

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