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Let’s talk digital marketing: How to plan ahead with the right foundations and market your business online in 2022 with clarity and peace of mind

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Mardi 18 Janvier 2022 - 12H00

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Members; 10SGD

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Ask yourself the right questions and benefit from guidelines that will help you start your digital marketing strategy in the right direction.


A digital marketing strategy will help grow your business in 2022. Plan better for next year right now and get started with a great online presence, especially during this period of restricted live practices!

And if you have one already, you should take a step back and review it, to make sure that it is still aligned with your business and messaging.

During this session, based on the questions from the participants, we will discuss what digital marketing is all about - website and eCommerce, social media, content, planning, digital tools, systems and processes - from understanding to implementing an online strategy in the long run.


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