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Back to work! We are launching our Marketing Club to help you in your current challenges! The goal of this first session is to define the right format together to best answer your needs. Join us now!


We are glad to invite you to our 1st marketing club session on September 24. For this session, we would like to try a format that will allow everyone to share some best practices and at the same time reflect on their own professional practice. It is called co-development and it is based on collective intelligence.

Why try this methodology for the Marketing Club?

You are all from different fields and we would like to maximise the learnings and insights that you will get from the club conversations. We are going to use a structured approach that will help you draw a concrete plan of actions and start new things with a peer support group to accompany the process.

We invite you to experiment this approach, based on collective intelligence during a demo session with 2 executive coaches Aude Beneton and Delphine Desaulles, both trained in and facilitating co-development in professional contexts.

What you need to know about the session

  • It is a 2-hour session facilitated by 1 coach for 8 to 11 pax with 1 client, 7 consultants and 3 observers max (read below the description of the roles).
  • One of the participants (the client of the day) will share a topic/ concern/ situation.
  • The others (consultants) will help and ask questions, make suggestions, share experiences... to help the client draw up an action plan.
  • The observers will take some notes and reflect on the process and on their own practice.
  • Everyone will end the session with concrete actions/ tips/ advice. The client of the day will have a clear action plan to implement.

To know more about co-development approach, click here.

Terms and conditions

  • This event is for members only.
  • Full payment is required upon registration. 
  • Once paid, registration fees are non-refundable.
  • No shows will not be refunded.
  • Please note that photographs and videos may be taken during the event for news and publicity purposes.


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