Bilans d’évènement

#1 French Investor Network masterclass: Take the plunge and attempt the Business Angel journey

This morning, we had the first session of the French Investor Network masterclass “Take the plunge and attempt the Business Angel journey”.

Thank you Franck COURMONT (full-time Angel Investor with 25 years of experience in law firms, investment banks and international hospitality), for sharing your knowledge, experience and expertise in investment and startup business industry. It was truly a session dedicated to an introduction to due diligence and analysis of product and services. Participants gained insights (based on real cases) that help them review the first key aspects of an investment proposal before committing to an investment.

Guillaume DEKEUWER Jean Pascal Duvet Yann Hamon Anne Langourieux Laurence ONFROY Laurent Pellet Christelle Tilhac

We look forward to attending the second session on Dec 19th focusing on Market size (Business model, Scalability,etc), Competitive landscape and Team:

3 upcoming sessions in 2020:

#3 - 10 January (Financials)

#4 - 24 January (Cap table / Fundraising dynamics)

#5 - 31 January (Legal concepts, Exit strategy and conclusion)