Bilans d’évènement

HR Club October 2020

The HR Club met to discuss HR Analytics with key takeaways as follows:

  1. Stay ahead of talent trends that affects job market – search for data, analyse and identify the trends
  2. Contribute to a forward thinking future looking and cost effective talent acquisition strategy – know where the talent pool and attract it
  3. Revamping people and business decisions through competition insights and data analytics – data is king to build predictive analysis and benchmarking
  4. Building up a brand of thought leadership – HR analytics is the future proof approach once bought-in by company leaders


Thank you to Christina Tan, VP Human Resources, Commodities, Industries & Facilities Division, APAC & Middle East at Bureau Veritas, for welcoming HR peers Nathalie Rascle, Lise Wattebled, Rakesh Rana and Patricia Lam.