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Meet The CEO #27 CHANEL

Thank you Charlotte Jozan, Managing Director at Chanel Singapore & SEA, for leading our January 2022 session of Meet The CEO. Charlotte met with 6 start-ups & SMEs selected according to her business relevance over an afternoon of 30-minute 1-to-1 meetings.

Thank you Charlotte for selecting these start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs and giving them the opportunity to meet with you and introduce their business:

  • DIGITAL CONTENT TECHNOLOGIES - Laurent Fabry, Managing Director
  • WISH PARIS PTE LTD - Aurelie Nataf, Founder
  • PARCOME PARIS - Evelyne Vu, Business Development Manager APAC
  • TEAMWORK - Germain Chapart, CO-CEO SINGAPORE
  • SING'THEATRE - Nathalie Ribette, Artistic and Executive Director
  • ADR - Thibaut Jossaume, Partner

With special thanks to our Series Partner, WeLinkTalent | Recruitment Innovation, sponsor of one of our dedicated French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore's Startups and Entrepreneurs programmes to encourage innovation and cultivate entrepreneurial spirit within the business community.


Meet The CEO is a monthly initiative of the French Chamber in Singapore that provides opportunities for start-ups and SMEs to connect with a CEO of a large company. Find out more here about our Startup and Entrepreneurs Program, please email Amelie Poumaer or visit