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Past Event | Applications of Batteries in Mobility and Infrastructure

The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore organised a committee event exploring the application of Batteries in Mobility and Infrastructure. 

Mrs. Clarissa Wong, Innovation Leader, Green Mobility and Sustainability at Alstom, shared how batteries are the driving force behind this shift towards a cleaner future, one that promises reduced emissions and a significant environmental benefit. Alstom is at the forefront of this movement, with their innovative Hesop solution, that addresses the needs of transport authorities by optimizing energy consumption in metro, tramway and rail operations. 

Mr. Lionel Steinitz, CEO of IDSUD Energies, shed light on how batteries are transforming the very foundation of our infrastructure. As we increasingly tap into renewable energy sources like solar and wind, the challenge of storing and distributing this fluctuating power becomes paramount. Batteries act as bridge, storing excess energy and ensuring a steady flow of electricity. Mr. Steinitz also delved into smart grids and microgrids, where batteries play a central role in creating a more efficient and decentralized energy system. 

The panel discussion was expertly moderated by Mr. Pierre Lelong, Managing Partner of Blunomy. His insightful questions ensured all aspects of battery innovation were explored. Batteries are not just enablers, they're the transformers shaping a more sustainable and resilient tomorrow. 

This event was kindly supported by our Energy & Infrastructure Committee Partner CETIM MATCOR. 

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