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Past Event | C-Suite Retail Roundtable: Retail's attractivity & HR Challenges

The French Chamber organised an instructive session of our Retail Club for Retail Managing Directors in Singapore with the co-presidents of the Retail Committee, Mollie Jean De Dieu et Stephan Veyret. In this exclusive C-suite Leader Roundtable, our guests discussed Retail’s Attractiveness & HR Challenges topics such as:

  • New challenges for Retailers & Brands amid post covid’s “Great Attrition”? Talent pool & staff shortage.  HR issue is #1 for Retailers.
  • New JD’s offer for frontliners: incentive format ( hybrid - flexibility ) – “Retail is the only industry in which flexibility ranks as the number-one driver of why you might leave your job”, McKinsey study
  • Career development & pathways cultivation to create a value proposition that meets the needs and keeps from switching employers ( retention )– Trainings & upscaling to offer perspective.
  • New generation’s motivation? Understanding what they are looking for: How to create a sense of purpose and belonging?
  • Mental health & Well-being consideration is the new norm for employers.
  • Salary increase and other benefits can make a difference but not alone.
  • Singapore’s retail perspective for 2023? Desirability of Retail?

The Retail Club's mission is to provide a safe environment for Managing Directors to share ideas, debate hot topics, and gain business insights, all within a mediated structure.

For more information, please contact Coralie Vincens