Bilans d’évènement

Past Event | CEO CLUB - March 2024

Hosted at the new premises of Pernod Ricard, our latest CEO Club brought together regional CEOs, VPs, and MDs representing diverse industries, fostering invaluable opportunities for meaningful discussions and networking.

The event began with a warm welcome  from Antoine Brocas, Legal, Public Affairs, S&R and Communications Director at Pernod Ricard, and Thomas Baudlot, President of the French Chamber. Our distinguished guest speaker, Jean-Pierre Felenbok, Senior Advisory Partner & Chairman, South East Asia at Bain & Company, then shared his vision and extensive experience, providing insights into business perspectives in Southeast Asia and  the Indonesia elections. His contributions enriched the discussions, enhancing our understanding of economic dynamics in the region.

The evening continued with a networking session featuring bespoke cocktails courtesy of Pernod Ricard, elevating the event's ambiance. This provided guests with an ideal opportunity to connect, exchange experiences, and build valuable professional relationships.

The exclusive series of CEO/VP/MD roundtables are designed to provide a unique platform for top-level executives to connect, learn, and exchange ideas with like-minded peers and to gain valuable insights into the latest economic, political and financial trends and best practices in their industries.

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