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Past Event | CFO Cross-Chambers Networking Meeting - Taiwan & Japan

The French Chambers of Singapore, Taiwan (CCIFT), and Japan (CCIFJ) successfully organised an exclusive online networking session for CFOs from the region. The event provided a valuable opportunity for CFOs to connect, share best practices, and discuss various business insights.

The session focused on significant topics of interest to CFOs, highlighting key areas of discussion:

  • Local hiring policy for talents in Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan (constraints/ difficulties to obtain visas, quota, etc.)
  • Inflation, exchange rate: fluctuations and impact in each country?
  • Impact of the IA on your daily job as a CFO?
  • What is the situation for each country in terms of Direct Foreign Investment (FDI)? Do you still invest in China or not?
  • For Taiwan: Semiconductors market in Taiwan, what is the situation?

Thank you to all our participants for a very fruitful session!

For more information about the CFO Club, please contact Agate Wack