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Past Event | Company visit – Robot Demonstration by Balyo

This morning, our member Balyo guided a group of FCCS members through an interesting robot demonstration. Balyo stands at the forefront of the industry, offering specialized solutions for automated material handling. By focusing on optimizing warehouse logistics, boosting productivity in manufacturing, and streamlining operations across diverse sectors, Balyo aids its clientele effectively. The company's forte lies in seamlessly integrating robotics into operations, thus driving intelligence, efficiency, and profitability in processes.

The event started with a presentation by our host Mr. Jianhan Law, APAC Head of Sales from Balyo. Jianhan introduced about the company’s background, how its robots were designed and built as well as their various applications. Then they showcased their robot’s capabilities and technology including Geoguidance, Smart Safety, 3D Perception, and many unique features that make its technology a recognized label of innovation and excellence.

Many thanks to Mr. Jianhan Law, APAC Head of Sales; Mr. Victor Tay, APAC Solution Engineer, and Mr. Yu Chan, APAC Delivery Manager for hosting our members.


  1. Simple
    • Simple user experience from “idea” to simulating, commissioning & operating
  2. High, Tight, Safe
    • Convert “high-bay” warehouse & manufacturing to autonomy 0 to 17m keeping highest safety standards
  3. Scalable & Sustainable
    • Benefit from globally mass-produced, serviceable anywhere & sustainability-minded driverless forklifts 

This event is kindly supported by our committee partner Bolloré Logistics.

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