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Past Event | Decarbonisation Now – Trends, Imperatives, and Inspirations

The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore held an exclusive event with GoNetZero™ focused on exploring existing solutions to accelerate decarbonisation and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Outdated technology and measurement methods, difficulty in procuring renewable energy and carbon offsets and lack of reliable, real-time emissions data, are some of the main challenges that companies face in reaching that goal.

Overall, this insightful event highlighted the accelerating momentum towards net zero, but also emphasised the need for businesses to translate commitments into concrete actions.

GoNetZero™ helps streamlines the complex process of corporate decarbonisation by offering end-to-end solutions. Through the provision of verified environmental attributes and digital platform solutions - which includes emission estimation tracking in a single dashboard, a platform for buying and selling of credible RECs and carbon credits, as well as NetZeroOS, for management and optimisation of solar and wind energy assets – GoNetZero™ develops and implements decarbonisation strategies for companies throughout the various stages of their net zero journeys.

As decarbonisation will impact all sectors of the economy - clean molecules (sustainable fuels), clean electrons (renewables), and negative emissions technologies will be crucial. Technological advancements are needed for efficient data collection and management to support decarbonisation efforts.

With ambition translating into action, a greener future is within reach!

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