Bilans d’évènement

Past Event | Empowering Learners for Tomorrow's Challenges

An insightful discussion unfolded with distinguished speakers from the education sector!

A warm thank you to Benjamin Busse - CEO at Babilou Family, David Binan - Principal at International French School and Tom Marshall - Executive Director of Teaching & Learning at Stamford American International School for sharing their knowledge and experience in an engaging conversation moderated by Noor Bouzid - ADHD Coach at NBR Coaching & Consulting.

Key Learnings:

  • How Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) contributes to better academic performance and well-being of children and importance of integrating SEL into everyday classroom activities
  • Technology and AI are here to stay and hold significant promise for transforming education by enhancing learning experiences, improving efficiency, and preparing students for future careers. It is, however, important to address the limitations and challenges associated with their implementation and maintain a balanced approach to technology use. Adequate training for educators to enhance tech literacy is essential.
  • To cultivate critical thinking and creativity, project-based learning and real-world problem solving are paramount. Schools should incorporate arts, design thinking, and creative subjects into the curriculum for reinforcement
  • Job fairs, alumni talks, short job experience help students' awareness of career possibilities and industry requirements. Schools and companies should collaborate more closely to build and maintain effective partnerships to ensure that learners are equipped with relevant skills and experiences that align with the evolving demands of the workforce

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