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Past Event | How to manage Carbon Reduction Roadmap at Asset & Asset Portfolio level in the South-East Asia Region?

The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore held an exclusive event with Terao, focused on how companies can develop and implement carbon reduction roadmaps for their asset portfolios. 

Terao - a French building sustainability consultancy pioneering in the field for 30 years - presented their expertise in reducing the environmental impact of buildings throughout their lifecycle. With a growing presence in Asia (China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia), Terao offers solutions for both new constructions and existing facilities across various sectors. 

The Sustainable Buildings Seminar addressed the increasing focus on sustainability and carbon footprint reduction, particularly with rising energy prices in Southeast Asia. Companies with regional operations were encouraged to develop strategies to manage their environmental impact. 

Terao experts shared valuable insights on: 

  • How to make buildings more sustainable in the Southeast Asian context, strategies for managing energy consumption across asset portfolios 
  • Asset Management & Carbon Reduction along with Energy Management concept 
  • Improvement/ Retrofit on existing assets & Low carbon approaches on New Construction projects 

If you have any questions, please kindly contact Alexia Duvernoy