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Past Event | HR CLUB Breakfast Meeting April 19 2023

We were delighted to host our HR Club Breakfast meeting last week.

Thank you to Irene YIP - Director, HR, Asia South - and Roger LIN VP HR Retail Operations and Workforce Analytics in Hong Kong from DFS Venture for their insightful presentation about “Data Driven HR” that sparked an engaging discussion among attendees.

They took us through the journey of this transformation and how having access to data, generating trust and transparency empowers teams, supports governance, and focuses the HR conversation on what is actionable and strategic.

The FCCS HR Club is a “by invitation only“ Club and represents a community of professionals and experts committed to sharing best practices and expanding their knowledge on various topics relating to HR management in the region. It is a great forum to meet and network with like-minded individuals.

For more information about the HR Club, please contact Caroline Steger   csteger(@)