Bilans d’évènement

Past Event | HR CLUB Breakfast Meeting April 2024

This week, the HR Club at FCCS gathered for a great session on “Cross border remote work”.

Thank you Jeremie Louis, Global Head of HR Transformation, Reward & Performance, HR analytics and Head of HR for APAC for sharing the transformative journey Allianz Trade embarked upon in embracing the flexibility of cross-border remote work as part of its new Ways of Working. It was also the occasion to discuss some of the challenges and risks they faced and how they overcame them, with fantastic results for Allianz's brand and employee satisfaction.

Special thanks are also due to Francois Suquet and the entire team at STMicroelectronics for their warm hospitality in hosting us at the STMicroelectronics BHQ office.

The FCCS HR Club is a “by invitation only“ Club and represents a community of professionals and experts committed to sharing best practices and expanding their knowledge on various topics relating to HR management in the region. It is a great forum to meet and network with like-minded individuals.

For more information about the HR Club, please contact Caroline Steger  csteger(@)