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Past Event | In-House Counsel Club - Geopolitical Tensions

The Impact of geopolitical tension on Investments in ASEAN was the focus of our recent In-House Counsel Club session.

Thank you to Erwan Barre Partner (Foreign Lawyer) at RHTLaw Asia LLP for skillfully moderating this insightful discussion. The session aimed to address the challenges posed by escalating geopolitical tensions to businesses, particularly European companies investing in South-East Asia

Key Takeaways:

  • Not everything in business operations is solely dictated by geopolitical factors.
  • Understanding the evolving dynamics between the Philippines and China business communities is crucial.
  • M&A transactions are multifaceted and extend beyond mere share purchase agreements.
  • Template clauses in M&A deals provide a framework but must be adapted to specific contexts.
  • Cross-border M&A transactions have become increasingly complex in the last decade.
  • Project management capabilities are essential for navigating the complexities of cross-border deals effectively.
  • The concept of "flight to quality" underscores the importance of experience and expertise, particularly within the region.

In summary, the discussion provided attendees with valuable insights into navigating geopolitical uncertainties and conducting successful M&A transactions in today's dynamic business landscape.

The event concluded with a networking session hosted by RHTLaw Asia.

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